>Tool Shed and Storage

If I could start over, the first solid structure I would build, after the rainwater catchment and storage, would be a storage shed for tools and materials. Desert weather is hard on tools - rain, wind, sun, heat - and rodents love to chew on things like power cords. If you can aford a steel shipping container of any size, that would be a good choice. You can always stucco overt it later so it blends in, or paint it to match your theme.

I built a simple, dirt cheap shed from scrap wood, chicken wire and covered with cement stucco, plus a sheet aluminum roof. I love it. It also gave me shade when I had none. If you need help making a low cost shed, my DVD covers it.

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This web site is here because the knowledge about survival is critical to many of us right now. This survival retreat in the desert is the demonstration of various technologies which help us become free of dependence on fossil fuels, the grid and other things which are part of the problems we face as a global community.

The DVDs will appear here as they become available.