Security is a vast topic and beyond the scope of this website
, however, as my survival retreat employs security measures not common to most of the retreats, you may find something useful in this section. The word security means or suggests keeping something secure or safe. I'm going to use it to mean the physical and strategic methods employed to keep me and my survival retreat safe from possible danger.

So what dangers am I preparing for? How you answer this question for yourself will guide you in your preparations, including location, geography, climate, materials, population density, what you stock or store and more. So start there. What dangers or enemies do you think might threaten your safety? The list of possible scenarios grows longer each year, as forces and institutions beyond our control appear to be pushing all of us towards an uncertain, and probably unsafe, future. So pick one or several that you believe are more likely than others to endanger you, and then decide what measures you can take to deal with them, should one or more actually occur.

 The list:
1) nuclear war 2) terrorist attack 3) contagious disease or virus 4) biological war 5) economic collapse 6) fuel shortage or crisis 7) comet or meteor hits the Earth 8) hurricanes or tornadoes 9) massive earthquake 10) flood 11) EMP disables power grid, vehicles, electronics, computers 12) new ice age.

What I find bizarre is that, as our global society becomes more unbalanced, more of the things on the list seem possible, even probable. Have a look at the Crash Course at www..Chris Martenson.com for a well-prepared introduction to what could be called our global crisis, involving the three 'E's': Energy, Economy and Environment. Now that you have picked a crisis or two - a dangerous event, consider what events will possibly preceed it/them and and how you envision that 'event' unfolding. What will things look like during and after this event?

Since the crash course and Mr. Rawles' book (about surviving the end of the world as we know it) do an excellent job presenting this scenario, I won't dwell on it here. www.survivalblog.com is another worthwhile resource, the website of James Wesley Rawles, author of two books mentioned on this website, both recommended reading for those serious about preparing for the worst.

If you remember only one idea from this section, or even from this site it is this: "Do whatever it takes to avoid becoming a refugee." Refugees have no power, no options and are at the mercy of others who may not care.

It is not unreasonable to conclude that, as the economy spirals downward, as more people remain unemployed, as people's financial resources are exhausted, and as desperation replaces hope for improvment, more people will be pushed to commit crimes like theft, burglaries, etc. to survive. It may not be a big breakdown at all, maybe just a downward spiral into depression, chaos and panic. I'm not making any predictions, but it doesn't matter how it happens. Prepare now while you can. Get your beans, bullets and band-aids while they are still to be gotten.

Your survival retreat must do all of these for you:

1) shelter you from the elements

2) keep you safe from harm (environment, animals, people)

3) feed you

4) provide your water

5) help you heal, physically and psychologically

6) help you be productive and thrive

If your survival retreat is going to shelter you from the elements and keep you safe from harm, you must design and build it (or modify it) both for the most severe weather you would expect and from the most dangerous attack or assault you suspect might come your way. Unless you are a psychic with a phenomenal reputation for accuracy, the task at hand appears impossible and probably is for most of us. Nevertheless, you must make choices and you must manifest your survival retreat and hope that you made the right choices.

Do you really have to do this? I mean, what an undertaking! It'll take lots of money, lots of time, lots of labor. Maybe everything will be fine; maybe all those predictions about the end of the world, the big collapse, the end of the Mayan calendar - maybe its like Y2K, the disaster that never happened, the killer bees that never came, and all the other scares the media hyped up.

That's possible. It could be that none of the events on our list ever happen in our lifetime. Could it happen to my children? To their children? If you're the psychic that I wish I were sometimes, you will probably want to keep your self tuned in for some inside tips on 'coming attractions'. You, your kids and their kids may all experience one or more events, perhaps all of you together at the same time.

Follow the Boy Scout motto: "Be prepared". If the proverbial sh!t hits the fan, the power grid goes down, cities become barren prisons and millions head for greener pastures, you may be grateful for the day you decided to act like a Boy Scout, for the time and effort you invested in your survival retreat and its stocks, and even for the 'assault' rifle you used it to repel a gang of looters.

Meditate often on your life and 'mission', the role you play and are about to play. Trust the guidance you receive in a fearless state of mind and take action, even if you don't fully comprehend why. Rationality may rebel, but intuition must prevail. It is the only true guide. more...

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This web site is here because the knowledge about survival is critical to many of us right now. This survival retreat in the desert is the demonstration of various technologies which help us become free of dependence on fossil fuels, the grid and other things which are part of the problems we face as a global community.

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