>Quartz Lights

This is a creative topic - how to make lights from quartz rocks. The reason behind my experimenting with this was to make a kind of indoor lighting that was softer than light bulbs, and I wanted the light to come out of quartz rocks instead of a conventional light fixture.

I found some nice pieces of quartz in my wash, very translucent and white. Using a diamond cutting disc in an angle grinder, I hollowed out the back side of these rocks, to create space for LEDs and to make the rock thinner, thus allowing more light to pass through.

In one end of this hollow, I glued 12V LEDs, facing the hollow and shining light into it. Then, I cut and shaped aluminum window screen into concave surfaces, lined them with aluminum foil and taped them to the edges of the rocks, thus creating reflectors on the back side of each rock.

The light from the LED in the hollow illuminates the quartz, then this light is reflected by the foil and back to the quartz, again and again, thus fully-illuminating the rock, without any hot spots or dark spots. The entire rock glows white and produces a beautiful, soft, natural light.

I then arranged nine of these lights in a circle - six around the edge and three in the middle - and cast them in a concrete disc, all wired together. I then imbedded this disc of lights in the center of my flor slab, and connected the wire, which passes through some PVC pipe in the slab, to my circuit box.

The idea is this: When I enter the house at night, the switch just inside the front door turns on the floor light made of quarts rocks. I prefer soft natural light in this situation - just enough to navigate the house.

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