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If you study the lives of wise people, people of great accomplishments, you'll notice that some of them observed a regular fast, they ate no food, for one day every week or so over many years. Experiments with rats have shown that if rats are deprived of food one day per week, they are healthier, live longer and have healthier babies than rats fed every day.

Good health and long life are known benefits of regular fasting. Less known is its effect on the mind. If you consciously abstain from food one day every week, your control over hunger will naturally increase; that is not rocket science. What may not be apparent is your level of self-control in general. Those who cannot control their intake of food usually have difficulty controlling other indulgences.

Being able to turn off one's hunger has immediate application in survival situations. Those untrained in abstinence will feel stressed if they miss a few meals. They will become weak and their performance on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, strategic, will suffer. They will have difficulty thinking clearly; their mind is riveted on their hunger and how to satisfy it. The one who fasts regularly will remain calm and controlled, from years of abstinence. Days may pass without food, the one who fasts regularly will still cope far better than the one who never fasted.

There is another beneficial side effect of fasting regularly. The body, when not processing food, cleans itself. A cleaner body, and a more resilient digestive system, will make far better use of limited food supplies. Digestion and assimilation will be more efficient, thus reducing food requirements. In other words, a faster will derive more nutrition from the same amount of food than a non-faster. That has survival value, and in a survival-of-the-fittest world, it counts big.

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