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How to passively heat a house with sunlight.

Passive means no power required. Most solar heating is based on the 'greenhouse effect'. Short-wave sunlight passes easily through glass, strikes a dark surface, transforming into long-wave heat energy which does not easily pass back out through the glass, causing the inside temperature to rise. The temperature rises until the heat escaping equals the light entering. In an insulated solar oven, temperatures can reach 400 degrees Farenheit or more, hot enough to bake bread.

To use this principle to heat a house, many designs have been created. Among the simplest is the glass-covered box which draws cold air from near the floor of a house, heats it outside in the box and returns it heated near the ceiling. This circulation causes the temperature in the room to rise rapidly. To control the temperature and to stop the circulation, the vents can be either covered with flaps or covers or stuffed with small pillows or towells. This heater design is among the least expensive and most efficient heaters I have encountered.

My DVD describes the construction and installation of a box-type solar heater, which can be easily done by anyone who can use simple hand tools.

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